As the popular Halloween party approaches, several developers launch updates focused on this particular event. A few hours ago we told you the news of Bubble Witch Saga 3, and now it’s WhatsApp’s turn, an application that has added new emojis in its latest beta.

WhatsApp releases new emojis for Halloween

Emojis and stickers have become one of the most popular communication methods in messaging applications since they allow us to express our emotions in a more graphic way. WhatsApp knows this, and they continually update their application by adding new emojis that allow us to express much more.


In the latest update, WhatsApp has added a list of new emojis, which would arrive in time for Halloween. We have vampires, zombies, magicians, elves, sirens and even geniuses. We also have a nice hedgehog and even a T-Rex. Everything is best expressed with a dinosaur.

The new emojis are already available in the latest WhatsApp beta, so when you install it you can already try them. That is, keep in mind that only those who have installed this version will be able to see the messages. We hope that during the next few days (before October 31) this new emojis will end up reaching the stable version, and with it, the whole world.

Who does not have the latest version can not see that you send the new emojis.

How to get the new emojis of WhatsApp

To get the new Emojis of WhatsApp it is necessary to have the beta version of the application, specifically the number 2.17.397 beta. Note that this version is a beta so that errors can occur using the application, although WhatsApp betas are usually very stable. There are two ways to get the version.

For Google Play, pointing to the betas program


The first would be through the official channel, pointing to the WhatsApp betas program from Google Play. The method is very simple and basically consists of entering the following link, which will take us to Google Play, asking if we want to be a  WhatsApp tester.

By accepting, we will go to Google Play, and when we start WhatsApp we can access the beta version, from which we can enjoy new WhatsApp emojis.

On the other hand, we have the way to update to the latest beta of WhatsApp by downloading the APK of the beta version. Even if we are not targeted to the betas program, it will work, having the advantage that by uninstalling the version and returning to Google Play we can return to the non-beta version.

The latest beta of WhatsApp is available in APKMirror, the version that we have tested and that has worked for us without any problem.