Everything good is made to wait but expected it to have a stable version and Android Nougat Xposed Framework officer is over. So far what we had was an adaptation of third parties with many limitations which gave problems with several modules Xposed. This stable version comes a few months after present Android Oreo, but considering the amount of work behind adapt each version to changes in the operating system, and that Oreo is only 0.2% of the devices, does not seem a delay too Loopy. Android Nougat stood at 16% of the devices earlier this month.

One reason more to root in Nougat

Xposed is for many ones of the top reasons to root your devices. Its modules can interact with any application of user or system, allowing configurations, customization, and features without limitations. Some of the most popular Xposed modules allow you to modify the status bar, customize WhatsApp or modify YouTube, to name a few examples. Android Nougat introduced drastic changes in the way in which the Android Runtime (ART) functions, compiling Just in Time (JIT). The work to modify Xposed Framework so that it remains universal, without having to be integrated into ROM, has been arduous. Android Oreo has introduced few changes in this regard, so that the adaptation of Xposed Framework for this version should be much faster.