The Nintendo Switch has gained great audience and popularity in a short time, being this console of the year that many players appreciate. But as it is new, they have lacked some things that the spectators demand, we speak of the virtual reality , and the question is If there will be virtual reality for the Nintendo Switch or not ?, that you will see in the following information that we have prepared.

Will there be virtual reality?

The Nintendo Switch was on the verge of having been called Nintendo NX , and just at that moment in which the Nintendo Switch was known well they created great rumors about her. And one of the rumors that was most talked about, was whether it would be related to virtual reality, we discovered that not, but now it comes back to arise with new evidence that there is virtual reality for the Nintendo Switch.

According to the EGM portal, ** it is affirmed that a user expert in the software of the same, has investigated in the code of Nintendo ** Switch finding 2 comments of the virtual reality. These references have strengthened the theory that Nintendo wants to create a VR mode in Switch, making the console manage to be compatible with some virtual reality helmet, and maybe even the company is already working on it.

At the moment, the Nintendo company has not confirmed anything , nor mentioned about the virtual reality, but if it has highlighted in some cases that it would be something great and interesting to work with virtual reality, developing this in the Nintendo Switch. In the same way, it will be necessary to wait if the Nintendo Switch will be compatible with some VR device in the future, which is what is expected. If this is stated, new special games would be created for this mode, and Nintendo would gain more popularity than it currently holds, as it opens doors to new game modes.

It is important to keep an eye out for Nintendo’s moves , as nothing has been confirmed for now, but it is highly suspected that we will soon see the VR mode on the Nintendo Switch. So in a nutshell, we just have to wait.