Whatsapp Plus is a tool that was born a few years ago before the immobility settled in the application of instantaneous messaging. The original creator of Whatsapp Plus was the Spanish nicknamed Rafalense, who modified the original Whatsapp application to give it many more customization options and features.

However, at the end of 2014 and early 2015, a series of blockages occurred to the accounts that used this application and after several legal threats, Rafalense decided to abandon the project to focus on his mod for Telegram. Despite this the Whatsapp Plus project has continued to live, many Forks have continued their development and we will talk about them.

What does Whatsapp Plus do in the middle of 2017?

First of all, it must be clarified that due to the number of forks that have arisen, each one offers some exclusive characteristics, although in general, they share the immense majority. We are going to talk mainly about GBWhatsapp since we consider it the most complete for the moment.

It is also important to warn of the danger of using these applications. It seems that after the events of 2015, Whatsapp has stopped taking action against users of these mods, but its installation continues to violate the Whatsapp terms of use and could take action in the future.

When I type the word “everything” in capital letters I do not commit any hyperbole, the personalization covers practically any section.

You can download complete themes created by other users that modify the entire interface, or you can modify the colors, icons and a long etc … of each section from the settings. You can also include the photos of each contact next to your messages in the groups or require a confirmation when you click on the call icon to a contact, ideal to avoid those uncomfortable situations when you accidentally give it.

Freeze the connection time, cancel sent messages and much more

Now comes the time of the extras, and GBWhatsapp comes loaded well them. One of the star features of this application is the freezing of the connection time, with this we can continue using Whatsapp without updating our state or appear online. To accompany this function, we can also hide the blue ticks, even choose whether to hide them in general or for a particular contact or group.

The cancellation of messages is something that will soon reach the official version of Whatsapp, but with GBWhatsapp you will be able to make use of it, you can even delete messages already read by the recipient, something that will not contemplate the official version.

We can also increase the maximum size and resolution of the photos or videos we send and even send any type of file. In addition, a message programmer has recently been included, to automatically send the text we want at a specific time.

Well, in this section touches re-emphasize the latent danger of using this application as Whatsapp could punish you for it . Bypassing that counter, perhaps the most prominent is to lose automatic updates. GBWhatsapp will notify you when a new version is available, but you must download and install it manually.

In addition, it may take longer to receive updates than the original application: until an official Whatsapp update is not released, GBWhatsapp cannot begin its development on it.