At Last Day on Earth, there are events that help us gather resources that are hard to come by and make survival a little easier. So these are very important in the game, with them we will have weapons, materials and refined resources. For this reason, it is good to know what all, and how to get something that will be simple with the following information that you give.


Last Day on Earth

The most important thing to get the events in Last Day on Earth, is to build the Citizen Band Radio since it is the only way that these events appear to us. On the other hand, not all the time they will appear, but they always leave when they find us with energy between 20 and 30, the events will begin to appear and the radio will be the one that will notify us when they are active. They always come in different parts, so we have to be aware when they do, to go to the location and get the resources. In total, the events are 4, and we will explain them to you next.

The Trader

Last Day on Earth

The trader is one of the most qualified events to achieve guns and melee. Their business is based on an exchange, we will give resources in exchange for a weapon, or a box of weapons. The type of material you order always varies, so you have to know how to prepare to visit the merchant at Last Day on Earth.

Air delivery

Last Day on Earth

Air delivery will give us rewards as refined resources and good melee weapons, and always look different in each help box. It is always in the center of the map, but you have to be careful of the enemies that are there.

Star plane

Last Day on Earth

Here, we will always find various materials that we can not create ourselves but must be found. We will find many suitcases on the floor, and various materials will be very helpful. There are no major threats in this event, usually come at night, and are usually about 2 zombies, but if you have to be careful with bots that can complicate things.


Last Day on Earth

The healer is very different from the others, it always appears in our base, and offers us an enhancer that varies the times that appears, simply by looking at an ad that lasts 30 seconds.

Knowing all the events, and how to get them, we will have a help with us that will not hurt us. Always be aware, and try to go to any of the events that appear, so always be prepared.