Nowadays, talking about viruses – in technological terms – can lead us to think in a way, almost automatically in computers. But we must not forget that many other devices, including mobile phones, can also be victims of such threats.

And is that our mobiles can also be attacked by malware that takes advantage of vulnerabilities of operating systems, malware that most often enters through deceptive tactics for users. But how can we know if our mobile phone is infected by a virus?

How to know if my Android has a virus

The symptoms that our phone is infected can be many and sometimes they differ depending on the type of virus. Even so, there are some anomalous behaviors that can give us the warning signal.

  • Pop-ups in the browser: One of the first symptoms is the appearance of ads where previously they were not, especially suspicious if it is pop-ups that jump constantly when we use the Internet browser.
  • Web redirection: another symptom that can make us suspect is that the browser undergoes redirection, ie, if for example, we write the address “”, it automatically takes us another completely different page (usually the one prepared by the malware to get our data).
  • Installing applications: we can also observe that we install in our phone applications that we have not downloaded voluntarily or those that we have implemented actions without we have activated them.
  • Higher data consumption and billing: Increased data consumption could also be a symptom of infection as many of these viruses connect to premium messaging services, resulting in increased data consumption and an unwarranted increase in a number of our invoices.
  • Declining battery: An infected cell phone can also consume more resources, and one of the ones that we can be more aware of if it decreases exaggeratedly, is the battery. If we notice that the autonomy of our phone easily shrinks suddenly, we should take a look in case our OS is hosting some kind of virus.
Emergence of pop-up ads may be a symptom of malware

How to know if my iPhone has a virus

Although on iPhone we can not install applications outside the official store as happens on Android, and therefore it is very difficult for our phone to become infected, we also run the risk of malicious software accessing our phone through services messaging or web pages.

The viral symptomatology on an iPhone is exactly the same as we have just seen on Android phones (unstable apps, advertising, battery that runs out of account), and as a rule, is more common in phones that have been applied jailbreak, as this one skips the safety of Apple.