Google Assistant works with the screen off on certain smartphones, for this, the cell phone lock is skipped. Be careful if you have this active.

I have to say that I’ve been waiting for Google Assistant for a long time in Spanish and I enjoy it once I got all the phones. It is practical, fun, talking with the assistant is natural and I can adjust my phone without touching any key. Not even to unlock the mobile: the assistant activates the screen when I say “Ok, Google”. And then leave the phone unlocked.

The function of using Google Assistant by voice depends on the model of the mobile and its processor. For example, it works for me on a mobile with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, but on others, with this chip, it does not; neither in the Snapdragon 625 or the Kirin, to put two examples where Assistant’s awakening with the voice is not active. If it works for you, I recommend you check the settings.

You could access a blocked mobile just by saying “Ok, Google”


There are two key settings within the Google Assistant options. One is the detection of the voice and the command “Ok, Google”; another is that, in addition, Google Assistant can be used with the screen off. For the second option would have to skip the mobile phone lock, something dangerous that the same system warns you when you activate it. The problem is if you activated it inadvertently when executing the voice model.

In one of the mobile phones that I have tested was configured the detection of “Ok, Google” and unlock by voice. Result? That anyone unlocked my phone just by saying the magic words nearby. In seconds and without needing to guess the pin or copy my fingerprints.

Check that you have the Google Assistant settings correctly like this:

  • Wake up to Google Assistant, go to the top three points and click on “Settings”.
  • Go to “Devices / Phone”.
  • “Ok Google Detection” should be activated if you want to control the phone voice , but monitor if you had the option “Access and unlock”.
  • In case you have this option, make sure it is unchecked. You will avoid the danger of anyone unlocking the phone without your permission.

If you try to activate “Access and unlock” the system warns you that you put your mobile risk. The alert is appreciated, but it may be the case that you have already accepted without seeing the warning. So make sure it’s not like this: using Google Assistant without unlocking may be more convenient, but it’s not worth saving a single step, that of putting the fingerprint, the pattern or the pin.