The football team Harunustaspor of Turkey, specifically of the Akyazı district in Sakarya, signed the football player Omer Faruk Kiroglu with payment in bitcoins , marking a milestone in sports history.

The information was made known through local media and on the team’s Facebook page, as well as other sports accounts on Twitter. Omer Faruk Kiroglu became the first football player to be signed with the cryptocurrency bitcoin , thus going to the history of football and cryptocurrencies.

In the publication of Facebook the video of a news channel of the Turkish country is shown, where Omer is signing the contract with Haldun Şehit, who is president of the Harunustaspor, Sakarya First Division team and amateur category.

Omer Faruk, a native of Turkey and 22, was booked for the amount of 0.0524 bitcoins, the equivalent of about 400 euros, since the team category is low. However, to the sum is added 2,500 Turkish liras (about 660 dollars) for a total of 4,500  liras, or about 959 euros, so in reality it would be a relatively high sum for the category of equipment.

The Turkish footballer commented: “This is the first for me and the first for the world (…) we are doing something new. We are open to innovation “; while the team president, Şehit, added that they made the decision to use bitcoin as payment method because: “We made an effort to become famous in the world and the country. Our club was also the first in the world (…) we are proud of this. ” And they achieved the goal, because having signed Omer puts them – both the player and the club – at the forefront in sports and specifically in the world of football.

Among other reasons for the signing, could be the growth of adoption and price of the cryptocurrency, since in the year that just ended, bitcoin was surpassing its historical maximum constantly until touching the 20,000 dollars per unit, even with the problems of scalability in your  blockchain platform . Currently, the price of BTC is around  $ 10,200  and although it is low compared to the 2017 highs, it is still a high price compared to the other cryptocurrencies in the market .

The signing of Omer with bitcoins takes place in a context marked by the warnings of the government of Turkey about the risks of using  cryptocurrencies  in the country, alleging that they lack legal bases or regulation in the territory.

Other soccer players have also entered the crypto world, although not with bitcoin. Such is the case of Argentine footballer Lionel Messi , who became the official ambassador for the blockchain project of SirinLabs, which aims to be the leader in open source consumer electronics on a global scale.

But Messi is not the only one: Ronaldinho Gaucho, twice chosen as the best player in the world by FIFA, promotes along with Roberto Carlos – one of the best wingers in history and also world champion – the London project SportyFi, a platform that seeks to help young athletes. Beyond the players, the famous English team Arsenal signed a sponsorship agreement with the cryptocurrency company CashBet.