Managing the aircraft alone, the 36-year-old pilot did not have time to catapult.

MINSK, Sep 25 – Sputnik. The fighter of the “Typhoon” of the Italian Air Force crashed during the air show AirShow 2017, according to the publication Il Corriere della Sera.

The incident occurred in the Lazio region near the town of Terracina on the shores of the Tinera Sea, where an air show took place.

The pilot of the Eurofighter Typhoon crashed into the water, performing one of the final points of the flight program. An hour and a half later managed to find the body of the 36-year-old captain of the aircraft.

The tragedy happened in front of thousands of people, in which the parents of the pilot and his bride were present.

The video of the crash spread widely in Italian social networks. After the disaster, the air show was first interrupted, and then completely completed the work.