Most companies recognize the importance of adapting to the digital age, or at least adopting their tools. But to truly become a 21st-century enterprise is more than just creating a Twitter account and changing old servers through the cloud: it involves a change in how you approach challenges.

“We want superior performance and we have to store more data with less resources, at the lowest possible cost.” This is one of the challenges they face in companies, which see how their data grow exponentially from many sources: social networks, e-commerce, business applications, Internet of Things …

Data are today the raw material of companies: with them they make decisions and develop new products that will allow them to be successful and continue in the market. It is therefore imperative to have data storage systems that are capable of giving companies what they need and demand for their own businesses.

Flash storage technology today offers a truly affordable price per gigabyte per month: less than € 1.20 per gigabyte. In addition, other benefits are lower energy consumption, need for refrigeration, and space.