It seems Nintendo cares little more than the modders open their small retro consoles and use them differently than originally intended by the firm. When the NES Classic Edition was released, the Russian modder nicknamed “Cluster” only had a few months to figure out how to manipulate it and add additional games to the system . Since then, as we suspect, Nintendo does not seem to have done anything to make the tampering process more difficult in the new SNES mini, and is that just over a week after its launch, the good “Cluster” has been able to update their “hakchi2” tool to support additional “unofficial” games.

According to the notes that are included in the package itself and the FAQ available in the Reddit forums – you have the links to get your hands on our Source – you will not be hard to add practically any SNES game to the small console and up some old titles of NES, obtaining an incredibly broad catalog. This will undoubtedly be valued even more if it fits in this model that only comes with 21 games pre-installed, compared to 30 that brings the mini NES.

Nintendo is known to be quite tough when it comes to any issue involving copyright infringement, but maybe this time the company is turning a blind eye as it is not giving its users any legal way to add new titles. In case this theory does not convince you, we remind you that Nintendo already hid a message to the modders in the NES Classic Edition code and that it has done the same in the SNES mini – you have the screenshot of the tweet that you will see under these lines. Anybody would say he’s asking us out loud … ay, ay, ay.