Skin Diseases  – WHAT DISEASES Appear On The Skin

Skin is one of the most mysterious organs. Good dermatologists say that there are no skin diseases at all. All the diseases that we see are related to internal organs. The main skin disease is scabies and tick bites. All the rest is associated with diseases of the intestine, lymph and other internal organs.

Skin is the most powerful excretory organ. It saves the body from infection. If there were no rashes on the skin, then all this would go inwards. On the skin poured, in fact, pus. Pus are dead leukocytes with lysed bacteria. It can be of several kinds. Viral (eruptions with herpes), such rashes, as a rule, are very painful. The virus affects the nerve wires that approach the site of the rash.

If something hurts when you rash, it’s a virus. Bacteria behave differently. Bacteria are not transparent. If it is staphylococcus white, cutaneous, then it will be white rashes. If it is Staphylococcus aureus, then it will be green acne, affecting all 5 layers of skin. By one type of rash on the skin, you can tell what kind of a person a bacterium.

skin diseases

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In Riga there was a woman with a skin problem that she could not solve for 10 years. She had a very strong acne on her face. She was treated at all leading cosmetologists, she was peeled several times, etc. It turned out she had a Staphylococcus aureus. On the skin of the other nothing happens. The first-year student knows this. In this case, antibiotic anti-staphylococcal antibodies are needed, gamma globulins are needed.

Worms are not vegetarians. They do not eat vegetables and fruits . If they are not satisfied with the inner environment of a person, then they leave it. But if a person eats a lot of sugar, then they require worms. Dozens of experiments were conducted, when they put in closed corridors, labyrinths of a can of sweets. And the cat, which had a bull-calf, unerringly found this jar. In other experiments, the cat found the product that the bull-calf loved. It is perfectly established that parasites control a man in terms of taste preferences. If the child has pinworms, then he will greatly love the sweet, which is an easy energy for worms. When a child is cured of worms, it reduces the consumption of sugar by half.

The skin consists of intercellular space and cells that are in a free floating mode, and vessels that pass through the intercellular space. In the other direction, the lymphatic system passes. The lymphatic system is the ducts that take the intercellular fluid and purify it.

For example, the skin was punctured with something, and bacteria got into it. Leukocytes are in the blood. They do not live in the intercellular space. Leukocytes (macrophages, lymphocytes) come out through the vessel wall and begin to lyse, i.e. to destroy the bacterial focus. As a result, pus appears.

There are two ways to solve the issue. 

First: if the lymphocytes have absorbed the bacteria, they go to the lymph through the skin or into the blood. If the abscess is large, then everything goes to lymph.

Why does angina occur, runny nose? Runny nose is an outlet-purulent lymph.

In the lymph node there are 10 inputs and one output. The lymph node is divided into sectors. In these sectors, bacteria are split. Next comes the way up. From the next site, the next lymph node is of the second order, then of the third order, etc. The wider the area of the correspondent fence, the wider the lymph node.

Situation: skin staphylococcus arose. The infection went to the lymph node. Staphylococcus is very difficult to destroy. The lymph node starts to destroy these staphylococci, but it can not cope.

What will happen? The outflow will drastically slow down. And the nervous system will decide the issue of pus removal through the skin. Preliminary conditions will arise, a path will be formed. The leukocyte mass will be released through this pathway. There will be a little tubercle. If white staphylococcus, then white bugorochek, if golden, then green bugorochek. There will be a pimple.