Rumors about the Galaxy S9 have begun to emerge and the last we’ve heard is that facial recognition functionality will be enhanced by a front camera equipped with a 3D sensor.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 already offers facial recognition, as well as an iris recognition system and a fingerprint reader on the back. However, now it seems that Samsung could change things next year.

Recent rumors from China suggest that the Galaxy S9 will feature a front camera equipped with 3D sensors. The technology could be similar to the TrueDepth system Apple has introduced with the iPhone X, although some analysts have suggested that Apple has an advantage of more than two years.

This will allow the Galaxy S9 to offer more advanced facial recognition functionality. Not only will it be more precise, but it will also offer advantages in terms of safety and speed.

The improved facial recognition will be a feature highly appreciated by users, although we do not know if it will replace iris recognition and fingerprint reading systems, or if it will be a new form of authentication.