All of us who have had an Android smartphone has gone through the blocking screen. It is the first thing that appears when we turn on the mobile screen. And it shows us interesting information at a glance, such as the current time or the latest notifications. However, this intermediate step can be heavy. Keep in mind that Samsung phones the fingerprint reader, for example, does not work if you have not gone through this screen before. And there are also other modes like the pin or the sliding of the screen.

In all cases, it is required to go through the blocking screen. If we do not fear for the safety of our mobile, we can choose to deactivate this panel to make our mobile use agiler. We tell you how to disable the lock screen on a Samsung mobile. This function is valid for all types of devices such as the Galaxy Note 8, the Galaxy S8 +, the Galaxy S7 edge and lower range (or older) phones such as the Galaxy J5 2017 or the Galaxy A3 2017.

Steps to remove the lock screen on a Samsung mobile

It is clear that it is a simple tutorial since the function is not hidden or requires many laps. But it is easy that if you have never stopped to mess with the options of the mobile you can easily pass. The first thing to do to remove the lock screen on a Samsung mobile is to go to the Device Settings menu, Lock screen, and Lock screen type.

The option to remove the lock screen is found in Settings, Lock screen, Lock screen type and None

In the event that we do not have an activated security mode (such as the fingerprint reader, a pattern or the fingerprint reader), the default mobile will be unlocked by sliding the screen. And this is where surely many of us will have been confused. Since being the default option, it is easy not to notice that there is another easier way.

It is the “None” option that is at the bottom. If we check this option, the unlock screen will disappear from the view. It is true that the mobile will also be more unprotected. But if we are sure that it will not fall into the wrong hands or at home, it is a function to be taken into account.

By the way, it is an Android option that will also work with models from other brands such as Huawei, Sony or LG