On the hard disk of the captain of the Nautilus, suspected of killing a journalist, they found a video of the beheading of a woman.

On the hard drive of the Danish inventor Peter Madsen, accused of killing a Swedish journalist Kim Wall on board his submarine “Nautilus”, found a video of torture and beheading a woman, reports the BBC.

According to prosecutor Jakob Buh-Ypsen, on the frames, which the investigation determined as genuine, the torture of a woman, beheading and burning are documented.

Moreover, Madsen himself continues to deny the murder of the journalist and declares that any laboratory worker had access to him.

Earlier, the court of Copenhagen put forward against Madsen charges in the murder of Vall. The journalist disappeared after she went for a walk on the submarine “Nautilus”, created by Madsen.

Later, her body without arms, legs and head was found in the water off the coast of Copenhagen. At the same time, the police noted that the body of the woman was intentionally heavier: some metal objects were attached to her.

Madsen himself stated that the journalist’s death was caused by chance. Allegedly the girl was killed when a 70-kilogram hatch of the submarine hit her, and he just decided to bury her body in the sea.