The rapid growth in the popularity of crypto-currencies reflects the growing interest of society in decentralized assets. Disadvantages of the banking system and monetary policy of states encourage people to look for new ways of storing, moving values ​​that could be eliminated by intermediaries, centralized government and government.

At the same time, the major share of sales and exchange of crypto currency is carried out on centralized exchanges. This is due to the lack of such favorite tools of speculators on the decentralized platforms (DEX) as margin trading and lending . As a result, many traders prefer to risk for the sake of a greater number of tools and reliable performance, despite the increasing incidence of hacking exchanges.

Meanwhile, the growth of decentralized exchanges continues and will increase as the requirements for user verification increase and additional restrictions are imposed on the usual exchanges.

The main advantages of DEX:

  • there is no need to trust users’ funds to third parties: this means that the funds are safe;
  • confidential data is stored in a safe environment.

The main limitations of DEX:

  • The problems of scalability of the blocking system, which is based on them;
  • While most of them are not adapted for convenient use, they experience difficulties with liquidity, do not provide for fi nish payments, etc.

List of the most notable DEX


Decentralized p2p-exchange based on the ethereum using the Swap protocol.

Decentralized exchange kriptovaljut on the basis of Atomic Swaps (a beta-version in a test network ).


Decentralized network with open source, implementing atomic swaps ( in the process of development ).

Bancor Protocol 

The protocol of the exchange of tokens based on smart contracts .

Bisq (ex- Bitsquare ) 

An open-source exchange for “fiat-crypto-currency” transactions, as well as a desktop application that works via the Tor browser for bitcoin trading .


Decentralized exchange for crypto-currency trading with gateways for fiat assets, which use atomic swaps and data transfer between blockboys ( is in the process of development ).


Investment platform for algorithmic crypto-currency trading, as well as for data-driven trading, without storing users’ funds ( alpha-version is in effect, the function of simulating transactions is available ).


Leader among fully decentralized crypto-exchange exchanges, also targeting ERC-20 tokens .


Decentralized open source exchange on the basis of the ethereum (the last update was made in April 2016).


Fork version from Etherdelta, managed by the community and using the same table of exchange bids and contracts as Etherdelta .

Gnosis Dutch Exchange

Decentralized exchange for ERC-20 tokens, based on the principle of Dutch auctions ( under development ).


Decentralized exchange of assets exchange in real time .


A decentralized exchange focused on scalability and interoperability ( ICO is expected in the first quarter of 2018 ).

Hodl Hodl 

P2p-exchange crypto-currency in the test bitcoin network beta version launched ).  


Decentralized exchange, which provides immediate placement and execution of orders, free cancellation of orders and updating of exchange orders in real time .


The decentralized exchange and the digital asset conversion service also offers API for payments and derivatives ( demo version is available on the Ropsten website ).


Hybrid centralized / decentralized exchange, focused on market-makers (under development, ICO is scheduled for Q1 2018 ).

Loo pring

The decentralized exchange for ERC20 tokens uses an open protocol aimed at servicing various public lockers ( in development ).


Semi-decentralized exchange for crypto-currencies and fiat funds .


Decentralized Exchange ( under development, ICO conducted ). 


Decentralized exchange with the main crypto currency NEO and with the engine outside the blockroom. Provides the opportunity to develop payment services (under development, the launch of the trading platform is expected in the third quarter of 2018).

Next exchange

Decentralized exchange, focused on ICO with crypto-currency pools and trading within the community ( in development, the launch was planned for January 2018).

Nvo io

Cross-platform modular / decentralized exchange using Safenetwork for order verification ( under construction, launch expected in Q1018).

Oasis DEX 

Decentralized Token Market – block-market for all token-assets, entered in the register Maker .


Decentralized platform for the organization of crypto-currency transactions ( under development ).


An open source project is a managed decentralized exchange ( under development ).


Decentralized exchange with channel state technology (outside of the blockroom) of Raiden ( under development ).


Decentralized trading p2p platform for tokenized intellectual property and ERC-20 tokens ( beta version in force ).

Stellar Distributed Exchange  

StellarTerm is a decentralized open source exchange for the Stellar network .


The semi-centralized exchange is crypto-currency with the possibility of using fiat money  (currently under development, ICO is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2018) .

Token Store 

Semi-decentralized exchange of ethereum-tokens, based on smart contracts .


A crypto-currency platform for the issuance of assets (tokens), their transfer and trading on Waves, with a centralized reconciliation of exchange orders and a decentralized settlement of payments .


Decentralized exchanges of crypto-currency resources (from  Counterparty , an open source platform on bitcheine).

Decentralized exchanges based on Graphene / Bitshares


Decentralized exchange providing stable crypto-currency and banking services on the basis of a block-account  (effective from 2014, it is probably the oldest decentralized exchange).


Decentralized exchange, acting as a counterparty .


The decentralized exchange using Bitshares and Graphene technologies is a site in Chinese  (works in beta ).


Decentralized exchange crypto-currency with a multi-subscription integrated gateway network  (works in beta version ).


Decentralized exchange system based on the Graphene / EOS blockbuster (runs in beta ).

DEEX Exchange 

Decentralized exchange for trading in block-asset assets, which also provides many other services ( works in a private beta version ).


Offers a stack of decentralized financial services, including stock and banking services on the basis of the block .


Decentralized exchange using Bitshares and Graphene technologies (demo version ).


Decentralized exchange based on the technology Bitshares and Graphene – site in Russian (running beta version).

0x Relayers 

The project is based on an open protocol, the definition of relayer tokens you can read below or on


The project with tokens relayer for decentralized applications (dApps), which seeks liquidity for the exchange of ERC20 tokens (the project is under construction).


The decentralized exchange for ERC20 tokens, is user-friendly  (an active project in the main ethereum network).

Decent Ex 

Decentralized exchange for ethereum tokens  (operates in the test network Kovan TestNet).


Block-project with low costs for trading, also user-friendly (operates in the test network Kovan TestNet).


Decentralized exchange with advanced financial instruments, available on mobile devices  (beta version is running in the main ethereum network).


A decentralized trading platform for ERC20 tokens, managed by the community (an ongoing project) .

IDT Exchange 

Decentralized exchange for ERC20  (the first relayer for transition to the main ethereum network).


Exchange for ERC20 tokens with a centralized table of orders  (the beta version is running in the main ethereum network).


A project with a 0x exchange order table for locating and trading ERC20 tokens (the current project in the main ethereum network).

The Ocean X

A pool of liquidity for the relayer 0x tokens based on the etherum  (works in the beta version).

Open protocols for decentralized exchanges

Open protocols are designed to install and run decentralized applications (dApps) on a common basis: some are designed specifically for decentralized exchanges (for example, 0x), others are just suitable for them (for example, Omise). Both these protocols will be mentioned below.

Open protocols establish interaction, allowing anyone to build their own services over platforms. This contributes to the development of innovation and is important for the “internal” dApps to interact with each other. Thus, open protocols provide decentralized exchanges with the advantages of creating common pools of liquidity.


An open protocol for a decentralized exchange on the blockbuster of the ethereum (an active project with dozens of relayer tokens, dApps on open protocols / open source projects).


Active network node with open source for protocol 0x.


An open protocol for decentralized lending that allows you to run margin trading and shorten ERC20 tokens.

Enigma Protocol 

A decentralized stock exchange protocol that supports atomic swaps between blockboys also provides an open source infrastructure and tools for trading.


A software platform for deploying decentralized registries (not specifically designed for decentralized exchanges).


Digital wallets, p2p-exchange and payments (fiat and crypto-currency).


The protocol for a fully decentralized exchange is designed for high-performance EVM-compatible decentralized Childchain exchanges.

Swap Protocol

P2p-protocol for trading ethereum tokens, without order table ( launch is planned) .