‘First of all, Oasis ‘second generation’ is bigger. Instead of a standard 6-inch screen, the new reader will find a 7-inch. The same pixel density density (300 dpi) was maintained, but the number of LED backlighting (from 10 to 12) was increased.

The second generation of Kindle Oasis is slightly larger than its predecessor (photo Amazon).

The real thing is the casing of the device. The rear is made of aluminum and the front of the plastic . Together they form a perfectly folded surface, which, by the waterproof device is simply a necessity. Kindle Oasis of the second generation can be immersed to a depth of 2 m.

The battery capacity is also great, and the housing is just as slim. Bluetooth has also appeared, so the new reader will be able to work with, for example, headphones or speakers to read the audiobook. Especially since the device is equipped with the Audible application.

The basic version has 8 GB of memory, and for the more demanding 32-gigabyte options are also available. The first costs $ 250, the second is $ 300. The Kindle Oasis, which is the most popular, is Kindle Peperwith and the Kindle Touch 8, which is more, affordable.