To keep track of the dependencies between different devices with program code, see the fact box, places guaranteed on top-5 over tricky stuff that developers have to stand out with. In some situations, the activity tops that list.

The fact that someone changes in a project can make projects that depend on it ceases to work, or in any case hurry. Add to the security issue that vulnerabilities in a project occur even in projects that depend on it.

Now Github is helping out to cope with such problems. This is done with a function called Dependency graph. It works in both directions. It is possible to see which projects a project depends on and what other projects are dependent on a project.

Currently, the Dependency graph works with Javascript and Ruby code. Python support will come later. The feature is available for both public and private projects at It will be made available for the Github Enterprise payment release at the beginning of next year.

Currently, the Dependency graph is based on information about configurations contained in the package manager. The plan is that it will eventually work without such information.

Ideally, developers have a look at this type of dependencies even without a tool such as A Dependency graph. But if a project becomes complex, it’s easy to miss the dependencies and it is very time-consuming to keep track of all the dependencies themselves.

A real big challenge is to keep track of dependencies, and so on. In times when many projects are dependent on other, publicly available, projects that developers do not have control over, it can be a real problem. Perhaps could any smart person, possibly at Github, create a solution that charts the dependencies in multiple stages?

Another possible use of the Dependency graph is to use it as a tool to reduce and simplify the dependencies of a project.

Other Github features include Security alerts. This feature is about matching the dependencies with information about known vulnerabilities and to alert if such links are detected.

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