Microsoft is opening its first studies for the capture of content oriented to Mixed Reality in San Francisco and London, allowing developers and content creators to create holograms from real-life objects. Microsoft has been using its own studio at its headquarters in Redmond to capture the performances of Buzz Aldrin, Reggie Watts, Max Frost and Cirque Du Soleil to take them to virtual reality and Augmented Reality holograms.

The new studios in San Francisco, London and Redmond will allow third parties to create holograms that can be used in normal 2D displays, in a HoloLens device, or even in the new Mixed Reality glasses from Microsoft and its partners (Acer, Lenovo, Asus, etc) and the already known Virtual Reality glasses from HTC and Oculus. Microsoft will grant licenses to these studies, and it is likely to be an expensive process to capture items such as holograms.


Microsoft is launching these studies thinking of producers, musicians, athletes, and dancers. The software giant is also expanding its Mixed Reality Academy program to San Francisco with a variety of workshops designed to teach the basics of application development and experiences for VR and HoloLens glasses.

Microsoft’s new studies come just as the augmented reality war begins among the most important technology companies in the world: Microsoft, Google, Apple and Facebook. Technology companies are trying to incorporate some kind of Augmented Reality experience, and a tight integration of hardware and software will be key to convincing consumers that Mixed Reality is the next big change beyond the PC, laptops and smartphones.