At WWDC 2016, the annual developer conference announcing the major new features that will reach all of its operating systems three months later, Apple announced a major change in the subscriptions system. So far, Apple always had 30% of the revenue generated by the applications offered in the App Store, whether in-app purchases, app purchases or subscriptions.

In WWDC 2016, Apple announced that it reduced the subscription fee, as long as it was annual, from 30% to 15% today, which caused many developers to support with this decision and decided to start to implement it in its applications, as we have seen throughout the year.

Many users are not willing to pay monthly, to use an application that previously paid once and forgot to pay back in a few years, until the developer re-released a new version and forced him to go through the box, something that obviously was not funny either. Fortunately, some companies besides offering us a subscription system, also allow us to continue buying the application independently and without having to pay every month or every year.

Leaving aside this controversy that if we get to talk can give for much, the boys of Google have seen that the idea that Apple had a good way to continue to attract the talent of current and new developments and from next year, will offer the same reduction in the commission that remains of subscriptions contracted by users, annual subscriptions.

Before the launch of this new modality, Spotify had begun to complain about the high cost that it entailed for its coffers 30% of the income obtained by the platform, forcing the company to withdraw prices by 30% for all those users which will contract the service through the application, which obviously was an added problem as users interested in hiring a streaming music service saw Apple Music as the best alternative at a lower price.

Spotify’s next step was to disable in-app purchases within the app, forcing users to visit the company’s website to pay for the subscription, so they do not have to pay Apple or any other platform intermediary Currently Spotify offers 7 days free for us to try the service. If we want to continue using it, we have to go to the website and enter the data of our credit card or Paypal account.