The first thing that catches the eye of this Lenovo X1 Carbon is the weight. The measurements made in the magazine raise it to 1.21 kg, which makes it a perfect equipment for the requirements of any mobile worker. This is a traditional laptop that has a 14-inch screen. But it is that, in addition to the weight has a very small thickness of 16 millimeters. This makes it an ideal companion for, for example, taking you on a trip or making presentations outside the office.

According to the Chinese company, despite being extremely light and thin, it is one of the most resistant equipment that can be found in the market. At Lenovo they claim that the machine has passed twelve tests of different military specifications (in extreme conditions of dust, vibration, heat, cold, altitude, humidity, solar radiation and fungi), which makes us find a product with a great durability regardless of the treatment they are given (within normal use parameters).

The Lenovo X1 Carbon incorporates the connection by 4G LTE-A, so it incorporates a slot to insert the SIM card of the operator

Another of the advantages that entails is that of connectivity. In addition to the connection by Wifi and Bluetooth, and the possibility of connecting it by cable to a fixed network, the laptop also incorporates the connection by 4G LTE-A, so it incorporates a slot to insert the SIM card of the operator. Although we consider that this is a detail less and less required, given the increasing possibility of connecting to multiple WiFi networks and the options that modern smartphones offer to use as a modem, it is true that many users claim this type of connectivity to not having to be depending on external elements.

Lenovo X1 Carbon Battery

From the manufacturer ensure that the battery can reach 11 hours. We have tested it while watching several movies and at the same time we have tried with applications of intensive performance. It has not reached that duration, but has remained in a negligible nine and a half hours. If the use that is given is less intensive, it reaches without any problem those 11 hours and even surpasses if we only see some web page, we check the mail and we work in some file type Word. So it can be said that it is a team that guarantees its use during a full working day without having to recharge it.

The operating system that runs the Lenovo X1 Carbon is Windows 10 Pro and works with an Intel i7-6600U with vPro up to the 6th generation, which amounts to a great capacity management. Thanks to the incorporation of this chip, the safety of the equipment is improved significantly with respect to previous models. The 14 “screen is anti-reflective which results in the vision of clearer and brighter texts and images. By carrying the IPS technology you can see the screen practically from a 180 degree angle, with the added advantage that it is anti-stain. As for security, in addition to the enhancements to incorporate the Intel processor, it includes the touch sensor fingerprint reader which in theory is more reliable and accurate than the usual readers. Further, this ultrabook also includes the Secure Platform Module (TPM), a chip designed to protect the hardware. The storage capacity reaches terabyte thanks to a solid state disk in includes three USB 3.0 ports that allow the charging of external devices, an HDMI port and a microSD card slot.