Eastman Kodak has announced that the launch of ICO KodakCoin is delayed the night before the planned launch of the project.

According to the brand statement, they need at least a few more weeks to get to know their customers better, since they are currently in the “verification phase of accredited investors”.

As a result, more than 40,000 potential buyers of KodakCoin are forced to expect new announcements from Eastman Kodak.

Eastman Kodak needs more time to develop KodakCoin

However, some of them decided to leave the project, because of which the company’s shares fell by 13% after an increase of 200% after the announcement of the launch of the crypto currency.

According to CCN , Kodak knew that creating their own digital currency would make them a target for many checks, as financial regulators are now beginning to pay more attention to crypto-currencies and technologies related to them in order to take control in the future.

At the same time, despite the delay, photographers are interested in the KodakCoin project and are waiting for its release, as it can solve the problem of illegal borrowing of works by third-party users.