Is the improvised weapon in Last Day on Earth a good choice?


The developers of the game have updated and added one of the things that caught the attention, the improvised weapon since it can be created by the survivors themselves, something that will help a lot to eliminate the big enemy, but is it really worth it? penalty ?, that has to be taken into account, because we have invested the necessary resources in this weapon, so it is good to know. For this, we will explain everything about the makeshift weapon of Last Day on Earth.

Improvised weapon

This type of weapon is called so because we ourselves can build it, being a firearm at a distance, so it really strikes the attention to create it. Basically, to build the makeshift weapon, you need the following:

  • It will be available once we reach level 34, and you also need 2 skill points to unlock it.
  • It will be necessary to have the armorer bank. This bank needs 10 aluminum ingots, 15 pine planks, 25 iron ingots, 20 rubber parts and 20 nails to be built.
  • Finally, to get the makeshift weapon, you will need 4 aluminum ingots, 4 pieces of weapons, 5 ribbons and 3 nuts.

The most difficult of resources is to find the aluminum needed to build it, apparently 14 aluminum ingots are not something easy to find.

In total, we will need 28 wire wires, if we want to create the weapon for the first time. As we mentioned before, it is not easy to obtain these threads, as these up to the moment can only be achieved Bunker Alf, and their characteristics are not so good as to risk, so it is practically not worth it in reality if we take into account what following:

  • Damage: 13
  • Attack Speed: 0.8

In conclusion, the makeshift weapon deals 10.4 damage per second, something that is very similar to the damage of the spear, so it is not at all profitable. Also, if we look at the characteristics of the Glock, which is one of the lowest-performing guns, its damage is 66 per second, so it’s much better to find one that is not improvised.

In short, it is not advisable to go to the Alpha Bunker only to find aluminum, to make a weapon that is not even good. So the best thing is to look for a higher performance weapon in the red areas, or simply buy it from the dealer, it is faster and easier.

In this way, we save resources for more important things, and so we do not risk dying and losing our things in the Alpha Bunker.