While the iPhone X does  not even need many words from Apple  to stand out from its siblings and competition, the same thing can not be said of the iPhone 8 family . To show that the successors of the iPhone 7 line  have their charm and are worth the upgrade, the Apple Company has hit the back glass key. The material, in addition to finally allowing the wireless recharge, would also give an even more premium aspect to the brand’s handsets. The problem? The exchange of material leaves the equipment even more vulnerable to falls.

Oh, and that’s not the only problem. According to the Apple Insider website, even if you sign the AppleCare + (a kind of extended warranty of the house) at the time of buying the phone, repairing a cracked or broken back will not come cheap at all. In addition to having to shell out $ 129 ($ 403) and $ 149 ($ 465) for insurance, the clumsy customer can get more than repairing a screen to ensure repair of the glass housing.

While replacing a display of iPhones costs $ 29, the charge to deal with the shattered back fits into the “other damages” category, causing the payment to more than triple, reaching no less than US $ 99 (R $ 309). If you are really clumsy and need to use this kind of repair multiple times, prepare to end your savings.

That’s because the price mentioned above is “promotional” and only applies to the first two accidents of the type. If you do not get AppleCare + or drop your smartphone a third time with fatal results for the rear window, the figure jumps to $ 349 ($ 1,090) on iPhone 8 and $ 399 ($ 1,247) at iPhone 8 Plus. With all that, a protective case, while hiding the beauty of the gadget, seems almost essential to Apple’s new gadgets – especially to those who are more careless.