The firm is committed to the IRIS Data Platform to deliver mission-critical solutions with large amounts of data at any scale.

InterSystems  has introduced InterSystems IRIS Data Platform. Built around a high-performance database, InterSystems IRIS wants to position itself as the first and only data platform to provide all critical capabilities for rapid development of mission-critical and data intensive applications , including management

The platform includes:

  • A multi-layer and multi-mode data management engine
  • Native Interoperability
  • An open platform for analysis
  • A cloud deployment, on-premise or in hybrid environments
  • Combination of horizontal and vertical scalability to extend or reduce systems to accommodate sudden fluctuations in workloads and data volumes
  • A 24/7 customer service

The development and naming of the InterSystems IRIS data platform is based on the design principles that represent the foundations of the company. IRIS stands for Interoperable, Reliable, Intuitive and Scalable (Interoperable, Reliable, Intuitive and Scalable). These are four features that both InterSystems and its customers consider necessary to make profitable the growing volumes of data that come daily to organizations.

According to a recent IDC report, commissioned by InterSystems and titled “Choosing a DBMS to Address the Challenges of the Third Platform,” 47% of the organizations stated that the unforeseen data had a negative impact on their companies . One of the main causes of these unexpected data is the dependence of data mining, transformation and data loading (ETL) infrastructures to move data between applications and platforms. With native interoperability, the platform seamlessly integrates with existing architectures, systems and devices, accelerating the development and creation of data applications.

” We have designed InterSystems IRIS Data Platform taking into account developers of solutions with all the critical capabilities to create applications that will face the future, ” said Paul Grabscheid, Vice President of Strategic Planning at InterSystems. ” The presentation of the IRIS Data Platform represents a big step forward in the database industry and is part of InterSystems’ rich history of technical innovations focused on solving real business problems .”

InterSystems IRIS is the latest addition to InterSystems’ family of database platform products, which also includes the high-performance Caché multi-model database and Ensemble application integration engine. InterSystems IRIS Data Platform will be available worldwide in January 2018.