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IB and SAP accelerate technology integration


Information Builders iWay Universal Adapter Suite is certified for integration with the SAP NetWeaver platform.

 Information Builders has announced that its iWay Universal Adapter Suite has been certified for integration with the SAP NetWeaver platform .

iWay Adapter Suite is designed to help organizations easily access and unify their existing data sources, decomposing data silos, and laying the groundwork for efficient data intelligence and analytics. The suite encompasses more than 300 adapters in the marketplace so that any company can create and deploy web services and other APIs from a wide variety of adapters, such as application systems, B2B tools, and transaction processing or terminal emulation technologies.

Each adapter includes a complete library of predefined transaction dictionaries, ready to create interfaces without the need to modify existing systems or write additional code. Certified integration with the SAP NetWeaver platform increases the benefits of the iWay Adapter by allowing any company to easily assimilate data from its SAP solutions .

” Any organization wishing to implement a successful information management strategy first has to unify its numerous data sources from its business-related departments. Our iWay Adapter Suite solution is one of many Information Builders solutions designed to streamline these processes and accelerate time to value, “said Gregory Dorman, Senior Vice President, Information Builders and Managing Director, iWay Software. ” That’s why we are pleased to announce the integration of our platform with SAP NetWeaver, which adds to the more than 300 data sources that our customers can integrate simply using the suite .”