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Huawei introduces Kirin 970, its first mobile AI processing platform


Richard Yu, CEO of the company’s consumer area, discusses the new era of innovation in the smartphone sector at IFA.

On the occasion of the fair IFA 2017 , Huawei has revealed what can represent a new era of innovation in the smartphone sector . During his speech, Richard Yu, the company’s chief consumer officer, unveiled Huawei’s vision for the future of artificial intelligence with the launch of the Kirin 970 (pictured) . By combining the potential of the cloud with the speed and immediacy of its native Artificial Intelligence processing , the company manages to make AI experiences a reality and revolutionize our ways of interacting with our devices.

“Looking at the future of smartphones, we see that we are at the origin of a new and exciting era,” said Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group. ” Mobile Artificial Intelligence is the sum of AI in the device itself and AI in the cloud . At Huawei, we remain committed to the development of devices with their own intelligence, and to do so by developing capabilities that enable the coordinated design of chips, devices and services in the cloud. Our ultimate goal is to offer a significantly superior user experience. Kirin 970 is the first in a new series of developments that will translate into powerful AI functions for our devices, and that will position us against our competitors. ”

After years of development, AI in the cloud is experiencing widespread adoption in different applications . However, the experience of use still has much to improve in aspects such as latency, stability and privacy. AI in the cloud and in the device can be complemented. The AI in the device can provide powerful sensory capabilities, which are essential for the device to understand and assist the user. The sensors generate large volumes of data in real time, specific for each situation and highly personalized. Thanks to the high processing power of the chips, the devices will be more aware of the needs of the users, which will make them able to offer truly personalized and accessible services at all times.

Kirin 970 is powered by an 8-core CPU and a next generation 12-core GPU. Manufactured with an advanced process in 10 nm lithography, Kirin 970 condenses 5.5 trillion transistors on a surface of only 1 cm². The new flagship Huawei chipset, Kirin 970, is the first mobile processing platform for AI to have a Neural Processing Unit (NPU). Compared to a chipset with a Cortex-A73 quad-core CPU, the Kirin 970’s new heterogeneous processing architecture offers 25 times more performance, with 50 times greater efficiency. In summary, the Kirin 970 chipset can perform the same AI tasks in less time and consuming less power. In a performance testing application on image recognition tasks,

To make possible new advances in Artificial Intelligence, it is necessary to make a joint effort, involving tens of millions of developers and learning from the experiences and impressions of hundreds of millions of users. Huawei is positioning its Kirin 970 as an open platform for mobile AIs , opening the chipset to developers and partners who can come up with new and innovative applications for their processing power.