Ark Survival Evolved is a game full of life with all the creatures you have, and with which we can interact in many ways, making it an excellent game in which we can do large quantities of thing. Today we have to talk about the Otter, or simply the Otter of Ark , an animal that will help a lot to collect some material or resource, and that most players are looking for its usefulness. For this reason, we will teach you how to tame this creature easily in Ark Survival Evolved, we will show below.

How to Tame an Otter

Many think that it does not serve much by its appearance, but that does not deceive to us , the truth is of great utility. The Otters are incredible fishermen, while fishing can get treasures, and also to stabilize our temperature when it is cold in the environment.

If you are interested in finding treasures, it is best to form an army of Otters , as well as get Silica Pearls and Black Pearls. So it is worth taming several of these creatures, and that is done passively, so we will only need a spear to fish, so that when we catch some fish, we give it to the Otter, so the hardest thing is to fish.

To find this animal, it is recommended to go to the forests The Island and Ragnarok, in any of the lakes or rivers. They are kept individual and always close to the ducks , so you have to be very attentive when hunting so that you do not pass us. If it is not possible to find one, it will be necessary to restart the population of Dinos, sacrificing some or also with the admincheat DestroyWildDinos, only if it is not possible by any side.

It is essential that a small corral be built with an entrance where we can close, and not throw the fish in the open field, as this would run. It can be attracted with honey quickly, and at the moment of capturing it, is when we will have to give it the biggest fish that we have gotten to tame it, and finally use it for our goods.

This is how the Otter is captured, the truth is very simple, only you have to know how to search and fish. Also, be careful when approaching him, not to run.