Nintendo Switch has become the console of the year, to have a great popularity in a short time, since it is the first hybrid console capable of being used in 3 different ways, Portable mode, TV mode, and Tabletop mode. Knowing that it has been a winning console, many players will want to record their games to make Gameplay and upload them so that the spectators see the experience of the game. If you do not know how it is done, we will show you everything in the following information.

How to burn gameplay on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has the ability to take screenshots , and with the influence of networks, has developed the way we get to do Gameplay, as users demand it. So the consoles have been adapting over time, to be able to offer everything the players ask for. For now, you can not record Gameplay natively on the Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo has commented that in the future this will be enabled in some update. Similarly, there are other methods for recording games.

If you want to do a Gameplay on Nintendo Switch, or if you want to capture some direct in social networking like YouTube, you will need an HD capture. The brands that are commonly used for this, are Legato of high quality, or AVerMedia that would be the most economic.

It is necessary to consider, that if we connect the headphones to the Nintendo Switch, at the moment of recording the Gameplay, the sound will not be heard, so no hearing aids while the game is recorded . Taking this into account, it would be possible to connect the headphones only to the TV.

It should be noted that before starting, it is necessary to download the program “Game Capture” from the official website of Elgato, and continuously install it on the computer. After doing this, you have to connect the cables, the HDMI that comes out of the Dock of the Nintendo Switch, you have to connect to the capture, right in the IN input. On the other hand, there is a second HDMI cable, this must be placed in the OUT output to the TV. Finally, we will have to connect a USB cable from the capture device to the computer.

When finished, if you followed the steps correctly, the PC will recognize the capture and only have to start the Game Capture program to start recording Gameplay on Nintendo Switch, and record the game without problems.