One of the most important things in Last Day on Earth is the base where we will survive, save things, and stay safe in it . It is essential to know how to build one, in order to maintain a good survival and benefit at the same time from our home. If you do not know what things should be taken into account to build the base, or how it should be done, stay, here we will show you everything you need so that you can make the best base in Last Day on Earth.

To stock

It is important to have boxes where we can keep all the things we collect , as we will gradually accumulate resources and materials, which we should not eliminate, because they will serve us at any time. It is important to appreciate the materials in Last Day on Earth, so trunks are very necessary for this. Something that is highly recommended, is to organize trunks, place resources like wood, stone, and iron in one, crafteables in another, and so on. In this way, we will not have problems when looking for the things we need.



Actually, the defenses of the base are not totally necessary , since the only thing that attacks us until the moments is the horde of zombies that goes and returns every day, and these what they do is to eliminate walls and the same defenses that we put. That is, it will be in vain, so you only have to rebuild every time you destroy, and you do not have to worry about things like crafting tables or other objects, since these can not be destroyed by the hordes.



We must take into account that crafting tables are very important , they help us to create all the possible objects that we need at any time, so it is recommended to try to have all the tables that exist in the game to facilitate survival. With these tables, we will be able to do things like cloth, iron ingots, pine boards and among others that we will need a lot to advance the game.


It should be noted that the level rise of the walls is not very helpful , since the zombies of the horde can destroy them as they do with those of level 1, so it will be practically in vain to raise the level of these.

We can save a lot of resources by raising the floor level only if the crafting tables require a higher level floor.

Knowing all this, we will build the best base to survive in the world plagued by zombies . So little by little, by collecting the necessary resources, we can create our home.