There are a number of enemies on Last Day on Earth, both weak and very strong for us survivors, including the Frantic Giant, one of the most difficult zombies to eliminate in the game, and if you have not found one, sure or want to do it. Many players think it’s invincible, but the truth is that there are ways to bring down this monster zombie, and here we show you.

Eliminate the Frantic Giant

The Frenic Giant was recently added in Update 1.5, and this type of enemy until now has only been found on the 1st level of the Alpha Bunker. It is also thought to come out elsewhere, as the game is still in development, but for now, it has only been seen in one place on the map. This enemy, is very similar to the Crusher Orondo, so much that we could confuse it if it is our first time to see it, something that would not be so well, since its force is extremely incredible, to realize to the naked eye of him, we must look at its color brown with a combination of green. It is important to know its characteristics, it has 500 health points, and its damage is so powerful, that no matter what level, or what armor you take, it can eliminate you in a single blow, so it will not be easy to face this great enemy.

It should be noted that as we said before, the game is still in development, so maybe later put some special armor that can evade their blows or something that can be easily knocked down. For now, we have to do everything we can to overcome it without anything else, besides we have the advantage that it is the slowest zombie of all that exists in the game, so that will help us.

There are 2 ways to eliminate this enemy, with melee weapons and guns. Obviously, the most advisable are with firearms, since its slowness is an advantage for us, and we can be eliminating it little by little as it approaches. But for people who do not have such weapons, there is the other method with melee, but much slower and more complicated, to achieve this in this way, you have to activate the stealth mode and go behind your back, there will be continuous that hit him and run away as fast as he can. Then we will have to return, and do the same until we manage to defeat it, the most recommended weapon for this type of technique, is the mace saw, which has 165 points of damage, is extremely effective to eliminate it with easier, since with only 4 blows we will kill it. We must consider that it is risky, because it will persecute us until we kill, so we will have to be agile to escape it. It is important to know that at Level 1 of the Alpha Bunker we will get 7 or 8 Frantic Giants.

In this way, we will finally defeat the enemy that bothers us when going to level 1 of the Alpha Bunker, the Frenic Giant does not walk with games, I can kill us with a blow, so we always have to try to maintain a distance when using weapons of fire, or if we use melee weapons, hit him and escape quickly.