Niantic continues to launch events in Pokémon GO, so as not to lose popularity as the 2018 updates arrive. Today we find the great Equinox event, a limited event that will offer us the opportunity to get resources quickly. If you are interested in knowing how to get the powder and more experience in Pokémon GO with this Equinox, do not worry, we will show you everything you need to know to get it.

How to gain more experience and powder

Recently, Niantic announced the new equinox event, where there will be different bonuses in the game up to a certain time, such as obtaining twice as much stellar dust. This was called Equinox since the game has resumed its popularity.

With this event, in legendary incursions that are still active, we can gain more experience and stellar dust than normal, so we must take advantage of this great moment. The event will be active from Friday the 22nd of September at 10 pm until the 2nd of October at the same time, and the bonuses it will offer are the following:

  • 2km special eggs with Chansey, Mareep, Larvitar and other rare creatures.
  • Special boxes available in the store.
  • Super Incubators are in action.
  • Double stellar dust when capturing a Pokémon, interacting with a gym or opening an egg.
  • Double experience by adding a new Pokémon to the Pokédex.

Prepare a good 2km egg grill.

The event allows Poképaradas and gyms to start distributing special eggs of 2km, of which will emerge several good quality Pokémon. What is recommended is that all eggs over 5km and 10km are used. In this way, only 2 km will remain, so that when we collect special eggs, it is much easier to leave spaces free for them.

Use the Super Incubator

This Equinox event has arrived with a new object, the Super Incubator that Niantic announced a few weeks ago. These are able to increase the speed of opening an egg in 1.5. So having a 10km egg, it will open at 7.5. It is not something so different, but it will be very helpful.

It is time for massive evolutions

There is a way to get more experience in Pokémon GO, and it is evolving to Pokémon from others. It is time to evolve the Pokémon with the candies we have saved, as it is a good opportunity to take advantage of them. If we calculate more in depth, are 500 XP per evolution, in addition, to add the Pokédex are 600 XP, so in total during the event would be 1,700 XP hit, and about 3,400 XP per each Pokémon that we can evolve with an egg of the luck.

More Pokémon

Taking this event into account, * is a good time to invert the Pokemon that we have been gathering for special occasions. Special packs arrive that will have super incubators, modules or lucky eggs. It is important to consider the lucky eggs since with these there will be an opportunity to win 3,400 XP per Pokémon, which would be almost 200,000 XP in half an hour.

This is how we will make the most of this Equinox event, every time an event comes out in Pokémon GO, it is the best time to give your best.