Crash again faces the threat of Neo Cortex in this second installment. Some of these enemies we have found in the first title, now the mechanics and the pattern that follows has changed, others like Nitrus no longer appear as a boss, but yes in history.

Final Bosses

As we said before, on the load screen, they explain how to end them and what advice to follow. We explain how they work and the best way to deal with them.

 Ripper Roo

This crazy foe will be jumping all over the board leaving TNT and then NITRO marks. We will have to move away from him and be avoiding the explosions until all the NITRO detonate. After this, we can hit him. In three strokes we have already beaten Ripper Roo.

Komodo Brothers

The thin brother will attack you by turning, we will have to dodge until he stands, at that moment we can hit. The other brother will throw us from the center of the screen swords all over the room. After two hits, the Komodo Brothers will be defeated.

Tiny Tiger

We’ll have to run away from Tiny by jumping from platform to platform. After some time some platforms will turn red, these will be rushed to the void. Our mission is to lead Tiny to one of these just when they fall. If we do this twice more we will be done with Tiny Tiger.


Pressing the circle button, Crash will launch Wumpa fruit. When the hands of the N-Gin robot are opened we will throw them. After destroying them will use missile launchers, these also have to be destroyed with Wumpa fruits. When you have a touch left you will use a lightning bolt that will destroy the platforms, go dodging it and in due course, release your enemy by throwing Wumpa fruit.

Neo Cortex

As always, at the end of every game of Crash Bandicoot, we will be playing against Doctor Neo Cortex. It will happen in space, we will have to dodge asteroids and bombs, when we are close to our enemy we will have to attack using the rotating attack. After 3 blows we will have finished with him.

If you know to be patient and to see the pattern of attack of your enemy, you will conquer in a short time. You have to keep in mind that the closer you are to defeating it, the faster you will make the moves or the harder it will get you the power to attack you.