There are many enemies in Splatoon 2, we will find some stronger than others , and with different abilities. In this case, we will specifically talk about the Pulper, an opponent worth facing that could complicate much of the game. For this reason, we will teach you how to beat this rival with the best techniques possible in Splatoon 2.

defeat the pulp mill

The pulp-maker, will be one of the main enemies that we will find in the early stages of Splatoon 2, this rival will maintain different phases where their movements will vary in each one of them. This is what increases the difficulty of all the bosses of Splatoon 2, since all go through phases 1, 2, and 3, so we must know the techniques necessary to be able to overcome this enemy.

The Pulp Maker will be the first boss enemy we will encounter in the game, and the truth will not be difficult to defeat once we know how your attacks are . It may be a challenge, but then we will show what must be done at each stage of combat.

Step 1

In the first stage of the Pulp, it will be very easy if we stay away from the enemy . At some point, we will see a red pilotito light, and at that moment will throw one of the compartments with bread to cause us harm, but if we are at a distance, it will not hit us. So after an attack, we will have time to attack it, climbing to the top, hitting it in the tentacle protruding, and so on to the next.

Step 2

Basically, we will have to do the same thing we do in the first part , but now there will be some pillars that will complicate the combat a little, and also their bread compartments, when thrown, will reach a distance further. So we have to dodge again, and wait for the attacks to finish attacking the tentacle again.

Step 3

In the last, it is that the battle becomes more complicated. We will have to evade all the painting that leaves on the stage , we will also have to avoid the compartments that launched from the beginning, but this time will launch faster. When he launches everything, it will be when we have to attack the tentacle and beat him a good time.

In this way, we will finally overcome the Pulp, without problems, following the steps will be extremely easy to overcome this mission.