In Last Day on Earth, the helicopter is part of the means of transportation , and sure to become important at some point in the game. It is the last vehicle that we see in the list of crafteos, reason why it will be more difficult to construct it, many wonder where the resources are to be able to complete at least its crafteos. If you are one of those people, you are in the ideal place, since here we will show you everything related to the helicopter of Last Day on Earth.

How to get the helicopter

As we know, the helicopter is the most advanced means of transport that exists in Last Day on Earth. most advanced vehicle in the game. Its ability allows you to go to any of the available sites on the map for moments. It is noteworthy that it is the only means of transport that can reach the Bunker Charlie, the SUV is not able to cross because it is a large body of water, so it would sink.

It is not yet known what their energy terms will be, since no user has been able to build it, there are resources that have not yet been added to the game. The requirements for crafting the helicopter are as follows:

  • 18 cables
  • 20 tungsten ingots : Not available.
  • 20 technology components.
  • 20 bearings
  • 25 screws
  • 25 ash planks : Not available.

The developers have clarified that the missing resources in the game will be added once the other maps of the area are integrated . Little by little, they have been adding things to Last Day on Earth, as Level 2 of the Alfa Bunker recently arrived.