In Last Day on Earth, it will be up to us to build a number of things to survive, from bonfires to cooking, to transportation methods that will help us a lot when we want to travel to distant places. In this case, we talked about the bike that we will have to build at any time of survival, since starting we can unlock your crafter to begin to build it slowly. If you do not know how to do it, or if you have not yet finished it, here we will tell you everything you need to do it.

How to build the bike

First of all, comes crafter, something that is extremely easy, since it is the basic, and we will need the following resources to achieve this:

  • 10 Wooden planks: First of all, we will have to build the carpenter’s table, since it will turn logs into wooden planks.
  • 5 Iron Bars: We will have to build the melting furnace, this will convert the iron ore, into iron ingots.
  • 5 Screws: The screws, can be easily found in the boxes of the places to which we travel, and in fact, are collected without complication.

It should be noted that when we go to put the bike in our home, this will require the level 2 floor, so we will play a base for the bike 2 x 2, and raise its level with 5 stones and 5 wooden planks by each slab.


After placing the bike in the house is where the complicated starts, because to finish the construction, there will be need of various materials that we will have to get where we go and collect large quantities of each of them. These materials and resources are as follows:

  • 20 engine parts.
  • 10 wires.
  • 10 Bearing.
  • 1 Exhaust pipe.
  • 1 Fuel tank.
  • 4 Backpacks.
  • 2 chopper wheels.
  • 20 pieces of rubber.
  • 30 of scrap metal.
  • 30 screws.

It is not easy to find these pieces, since it is only a question of searching, and if we are lucky, we will see some of them, but little by little we can add the missing things. Many players say that we can find hard-to-find pieces in the bunkers, but overcoming them is not easy. If we just started, we can go collecting the screws, the rubber pieces, the scrap and the backpacks, while we increase of level.

In this way, with dedication we will be able to build the bike in Last Day on Earth, only that we must be constant in the search of the objects, thus we will be building much faster.