The company Ledger is the most popular manufacturer of hardware wallets. This is evidenced by the fact that last year it was sold more than a million of these devices.

Hardware wallets are considered to be the safest for “cold” storage of their crypto currency, because the data of USB-devices exclude hacker attacks connected with the connection to the network.

However, in order to get or send money to the user, you still need to connect the device to the computer. It is in this moment and revealed the vulnerability of Ledger wallets.

On February 3, the company in its Twitter account issued a warning to its users about the vulnerability detected:

Today, there have been no reports of attacks, but the company considers it its duty to warn about it.Ledger gives practical advice to its users what steps need to be taken to avoid losing their funds.

And so, in order to avoid the so-called MiTM attack, it is necessary to check the correctness of the address every time in the manual mode, by pressing the button with the monitor displayed on the screen of your computer or other device.

For information, we note that the attack mechanism looks like this. Wallets Ledger generate the address of the recipient and show it on the computer using JavaScript code … Malicious software can simply replace the code that creates the recipient’s address, as a result of which all deposits will be sent to the wallet of the attacker.

It is worth noting that during the attack, the user will not even understand that his funds went wrong.Malicious software can very easily change the recipient’s address using the Ledger purse files that are located in the AppData folder.

Vulnerability exists, but as they say “forewarned, it means armed”. The proposed steps will avoid theft of funds, but this is not a perfect solution, since it depends solely on user actions.