Sometimes companies often take actions to help the world. A gesture that sometimes used to improve the public image of the company but without a doubt ends up being of help for people who are having a bad time.

Today; October 16; is the world hunger day in the world. To do this, the boys at Google have wanted to make a gesture with those who are hungry in the world, associating with the World Food Program, through a movement to raise funds.

12 apps that will donate your revenue to Google Play


It’s through the Google Play apps store where Google will raise donations. How is it possible? Well through in-app payments or app purchases.

The company has partnered with a number of developers to create a 12-app promotion. From today until October 21, 100% of the income from these applications will be donated to fight hunger in the world.

The collection is called “Applications and games against hunger” and Google indicates that such collection of applications will be available in North America and Latin America, so it is possible that depending on the country in which we find there is an application that is not available.

What are the applications and games

Although the collection is called “Applications and games against hunger”, it is striking that of the twelve titles, eleven of them are video games. The only application available on the list is not that it has much use in our day today, but it is the fastest way to donate. ShareTheMeal is a united nations application that allows us to feed children for days.

Regarding other games, all are games with micropayments in the application, so the money we spend in these games would be donated to the cause. Many of them also have publicity, reason why just by playing you would be supporting also the cause.

What games are worth the list? In my personal opinion, there are a few games that I had already played in the past and I find them quite decent as hobbies. If you like Puzzles, I recommend Peak, while if you prefer card games, Animation Throwdown is great. Rodeo Stampede is also a game that is fun.

These are the eleven games and the applications 

  • ShareTheMeal-Help children
  • Peak-Brain Games & Training
  • Dragon City
  • Cooking Fever
  • Animation Throwdown: TQFC
  • Legendary: Game of Heroes
  • My Cafe: Recipes & Stories – World Cooking Game
  • TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight
  • Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari
  • Jurassic World ™: The Game
  • MARVEL Contest of Champions
  • Sling Kong

A trick: Take advantage of the Google Opinion balance

Do you want to contribute and you have no money? Do you have any remaining Google Play Surveys? A good strategy to support the cause is to pay micropayments for these applications using the Google Opinion Rewards balance.