We recently heard that some users of the new Google Pixel 2 are experiencing “click and whistle” sounds when the smartphone is unlocked.

Now, the company has spoken about this problem. According to a Google employee who works as  Community Manager in the official forum of the Pixel, the company is investigating this problem and proposes a temporary solution.

We are investigating a low click or tic low frequency noise that has been reported by a small number of Pixel 2 users. This noise does not affect the performance of the device beyond audible noise.

If the noise is annoying to you, we suggest that you disable NFC (used in apps like Android Pay) in Settings> Connected Devices> NFC. We are investigating and we will have a more definitive answer soon.

So at the moment, there is no definitive solution to the problem, but at least there is a way to temporarily eliminate noise if you find it annoying, albeit at the expense of losing NFC functionality.