We knew that some surprise would fall. After knowing that many wireless headsets with USB emitter started to work with the new firmware 4.0 of Switch, something told us that Nintendo would have hidden some detail that sooner or later would come to light. And indeed today we come across another compatibility, and this time related to USB controllers.

This is demonstrated in GameXplain, where they have been recorded by connecting a GameCube controller with the help of Nintendo’s original USB adapter for Wii U. The controller is recognized by the system quickly as “USB Command”, however, contrary to what you might think, this does not mean that we can connect any USB controller to the console. The practical example we see with the controller for Xbox 360, model that does not recognize the system, so apparently, the function will be limited by now to the official Nintendo GameCube.

This incorporation now opens a series of unknowns related to backward compatibility. Have you included Nintendo this function only to offer the possibility of connecting your old control? Or do you intend to allow the controller to be used in games for which it was originally designed? That is, does this mean that we will soon see the arrival of the desired Virtual Console? These and other unknowns will remain in the air … until Nintendo wants, of course.