The American social network does not work from 17:00. Users all over the world are complaining about loading issues. Instagram’s mobile applications and Facebook Messenger also have issues.

Instead of the home page, a white page is displayed. On the other hand, the message stream has disappeared from the board. Trying to access the various subpages displays a message about technical issues. The reasons are not known yet, but we suspect DDoS attacks on social networking sites may have occurred. It involves filling up the server with queries that it can not handle, and as a result, some users may have problems accessing the service.

The issues are also with Instagram’s and Messenger’s mobile applications. Outage.Report website monitoring service has reported from 17:00 Polish time a large number of reports about technical problems Facebook.

Users are complaining about other social networking sites. They also use #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown hashtags. There are also services and applications that use the Facebook interface. We will monitor the situation and report the cause of the failure.