One of the biggest interests of social applications, whether networks or messaging apps, is that we spend as much time as possible there. For this, they create applications within applications, give us more functions and even allow us to read articles without having to leave their service.

Empowering that idea Facebook has begun to implement a new feature, still in few profiles, that allows users to manage how they save content to read later in their account.

It is something similar to what has presented a few months ago Instagram, which let us save the photographs that we liked the most and organize them in collections, to have them located.

Collections for saved items

Facebook does not offer that with the photographs, but with the articles that we see on our wall and that maybe at that moment we do not want to see but then yes.

The save tool already exists but it accumulates all in one place and that is what Facebook plans to change.


With the new update of the application, we can create folders, or Collections, in which to group items saved according to the theme, date or any other parameter that is used to locate later.

The method of saving will be like that of Instagram, that is, it will allow us to save it in a simple way and then it will ask us if we want to add it to a Collection. And if we do not have any, we can create it.

For example, we can organize what we keep depending on whether it is a photograph, a video, a newspaper article, jokes and cat memes …

We still do not know if Facebook will finally make a global release of this function but considering that it is already testing it in a small number of users and that Instagram has an almost identical function we would be surprised if it did not.