Users of the social network Facebook were able to circumvent the ban on the placement of advertisements related to digital currencies.

Despite the ban on the publication of advertising related to projects and investments in digital currencies, introduced a week ago on Facebook and its subsidiary social network Instagram, ads continue to appear.

Matthew Suish, head of the company dealing with cyber security issues Comae Technologies, spoke about the way Facebook users discovered to bypass the lock.

“Bitcoin” bypasses the new Facebook policy

According to his message on Twitter, the keywords in the banned advertisement are written with the replacement of characters or errors, which does not allow the system’s filters to notice them and interrupt the publication. As an example, Suish cited the word “Bltc0ln”, written through “0” and lowercase “L”.

The changes in the advertising policy of the company became known last Wednesday, January 31. Then the management of Facebook explained that such a wide lock is necessary to deter ads , while the development of an algorithm for calculating fraudulent advertising.