It was a question of time, and already they were seeing too many iPhone 8 newly bought with the undone screens because the batteries were swelling.

This terminal iphone8 exploded in China to a woman called Xiaomin, who left the phone charged at night and, according to her statements, she heard sounds like crackling (tempered glass was cracking), then start to see the smoke of the device until it ended up generating a small explosion that broke the whole back . Although she poured water over the device, it did not solve anything, as smoke continued to emerge from the inside of the screen.

This woman took several photographs of the affected iPhone and sent them to Apple and, as expected, Apple has not yet issued any official statement about the incident, but already the problems of batteries in the new devices is giving much to talk, and not only that, since the first problems were solved with a simple return, but that the terminal can exploit already adds a serious security problem.