Exercise without damaging your heart

To reach this conclusion, scientists at the German Cancer Research Center have measured the frequency and intensity of physical activity for over 10 years in over 1000 people with stable heart problems and over 60 years of age. All the volunteers of this scientific work have participated in a program of cardiac rehabilitation in which they had to practice physical exercise regularly .

30% of the applicants were doing activities twice a week, 40% exercised between two and four times a week, and the remaining 30% did more than four times in the same period of time. According to the study, participants who had intense physical activity more than four times a week were twice as likely to die from a stroke or a heart attack as those who did it less often every week.

The research also addressed sedentary people and said that stopping exercise is not advisable , because those who do not perform any type of activity are four times more likely to die of any cause than those who are active, with up to twice as many risks of having a stroke or heart attack.


Although, the practice of exercise is much better than doing nothing , it is important that it does not exceed four times a week, unless the doctor so indicates. On the other hand, it is always advisable to do it with the accompaniment of a physical instructor, mainly in patients with heart problems.