The European Organization for Securities and Markets (ESMA) has included crypto-currencies and blocking in the list of key priorities for the current year. This is written by  CoinDesk .

Among the main priorities of the  work program  for 2018, the department singled out such a direction as monitoring the development of financial innovations. The latter, among other things, covers the scope of crypto-currencies, as well as solutions based on distributed registry technology.

“In 2018, ESMA expects the continued rapid development of financial innovation in the financial markets of the European region. This development affects how securities are developed, traded and controlled. In turn, ESMA examines materials related to virtual currencies, ICO-platforms and distributed registry technology, “- noted in a program document called Supervisory Convergence.

The document also says that central banks of EU member states will also make efforts to study such areas as crypto-currencies and primary coin distributions.

The other day the head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, said that his department is studying the potential risks associated with crypto-currencies. At the same time, according to him, EU banks are completely not interested in these “high-risk assets”.