The legendary fragments of Destiny 2 replace the strange coins of the first title, but they do not have exactly the same function. For now, they only serve to buy exotic Xur equipment . In the future they are expected to serve to infuse and improve our weapons. Legendary fragments are one of the new coins in the game and the scarcer and more valuable resources of Destiny 2 .

How to get the legendary fragments?

To get legendary fragments we will have to dismantle legendary and exotic equipment. If we dismantle a legendary piece we will get 2 legendary fragments and if it is an exotic 10. There are other ways to get legendary fragments, this is the truer, but also the more expensive . We can complete weekly missions, which are restarted on Tuesdays.

We can also get the legendary fragments by other methods. In raids we can get fragments in the coffers. In the assaults; the bosses can give us some, but it will be very rare . Lost and public sectors, may appear in coffers but will be very strange . We can also get legendary fragments in; hot spot, sunset and Leviatan raid.

Another way is to buy enagrams and when decrypting we could get legendary equipment, it is not in the most viable forms but it may be worth it. The latter may be worth depending on how close this Xur is .

The most direct way to get this type of coin is to dismantle legendary and exotic equipment, but since the game is still short, it is very unlikely that we will have duplicate equipment to dismantle. The weekly activities will also give us the possibility of obtaining legendary fragments, we can only complete them once a week, they restart on Tuesdays .