How to create tablespace quickly? Mass is in Oracle documentation methods with dozens of switches, tags and we mean we need a regular new tablespace that automagically expands under the implementation of some CRM.

create tablespace datafile ‘c: \ oraclexe \ oradata \ car \ data.dbf’ size 100M autoextend on next 10M;

With Oracle on our:
data  – name tablespace
datafile ‘c: …….’ – specifies where our data file is located in this tablespace. It would be best if there were other data files. So we can look at the v $ datafile size
100M   – the initial size of the tablespace. Specifies the amount of space to allocate for the autoextend  tablespace data file
– that is to expand automatically.
next 10M  – that is, when the initially allocated space (in this case 100M) ends, the tablespace is to be expanded by another 10M