Transaction fees in the Bitcoin network continue to decline as the SegWit protocol grows into various applications and platforms.

The largest US currency exchange, Coinbase, announced its entry into the final stage of adding support for SegWit technology.

“Our development team started the final testing phase of SegWit for bitcoin on Coinbase. Customers will be able to enter / output bitcoins using SegWit for several weeks. “

Earlier, Coinbase repeatedly became the object of criticism from users because of the lack of SegWit protocol support, which led to long and expensive transactions. In January, under the petition for the integration of SegWit on Coinbase signed more than 12,000 people.

“Many customers are asking to implement SegWit, and we are working to safely upgrade,” said Dan Romero, the new vice president of the exchange, in December. “We store billions of dollars in bitcoins, and any change in our infrastructure requires significant planning and consideration of security and stability factors.”