This weekend we will have the opportunity to get the new special card, the flying machine. For some time now we know its characteristics and its operation. We can get it from Friday 22, through a challenge of choice. We will use the tournament rules, we will face an opponent. He will choose 4 cards and we 4 others, one of the two will have to play with the new special card .

This troupe is a creation of the master builder and soon we will be able to use it in our warhammer. It consists of an air troop, high speed, but with little resistance . It can attack air and land targets with a range of up to 6 squares. Damages 142 points at level 7 and has 510 life points.

The first entry to the challenge is free, as always, if we want to re-participate we will have to pay with gems another entry. We guarantee a guaranteed prize of 700 gold and 10 cards, in case we do not win any game. If we complete the challenge we will win, apart from the unique rewards, a first prize of 11000 gold coins and 550 cards. To get us the new card, we will only have to win 8 victories , this way we will get 10 cards from the flying machine and we will have it ready for use in the arena.

  • After 2 victories you will get 2500 gold.
  • After 5 victories you will get 5000 gold.
  • After 8 victories you will get 10 cards of the flying machine.
  • After 10 victories you will get 15000 gold.
  • After 12 wins you will get 100 flying machine cards.

The developers of Clash Royale are very attentive and are always adding new content to the game so players do not stop being active in it. When adding new cards the metagame of the game varies in smaller or greater quantity depending on how the troop is .